Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Well, I just wanna share the final project I made for 2010. Finished it exactly on the 31st. It was another blouse, with the peter pan collar. Drafting and attaching the collar looked so hard at first, but I found some blogs that show simple tutorial. Click here and here.

The finished product. I was also trying the short bubble sleeve. I totally recommend it, especially for a plus size girl like me. So comfy.

A peter pan collar should be rounder, but mine is not. Next time I'll use a bowl! LOL!

Who's better modelling my cloth other than myself? LOL! Please ignore this model wannabe.

Got 2 more fabrics for blouses. What fashion is next?

See ya!

1 comment:

  1. salam...
    memang cantik la blouse yang Surya wat ni...jeles tul...teliti jer jahitannya...nak banding ngan kita yang baru belajar ni...iiissh..memang jauh bezanya...next time bolehla tunjuk ajar kt kter yer..Hihihi



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