Friday, December 24, 2010

My Third Blouse - Pleat Blouse

I told you that I spent the whole weekend sewing, right? Yup! I finished 3 blouses, and this is my third.

The concept is still maternity-like design, extra room on the middle part :). But this time, I divided it into 2 sections, the top and the bottom.

This is the back view, also comfy.

I also pleated the chest part and added buttons. Cute buttons, I love it!!

I managed to make the sleeve longer by adding cuff and shortening the body length. I wanted this blouse to be a bit formal, wearable to the office, and yet comfy.

Does this blouse represent office wear?

My Second Blouse - Buttoned Bib Blouse

This one right here is a PERFECTO. Well, at least to me. I made another blouse, with Misaki Natural, a Japanese Cotton. This is my first time working with Japanese Cotton, and it is soooo easy!! Definitely gonna buy more of this fabby.

I add few inches on the middle part to make it roomier!

This time I made a rounder bib on the chest, with buttons. Thought it would be hard, but to my wonder, it was easy and neat! Well, can't really see in this pix, right?

Okay, I'll turned it inside out. Now we can see the bib I mentioned about. Hahaha...

As for the sleeve, I want it to be comfy, so I made a bubbly sleeve with cuff. Through the process of making these blouses, I learned that 2 metres fabby are not enough to make a long sleeve blouse, especially for my height. Next time I'll buy 2.5 metres.

Overall, this is my FAVORITE blouse ;p

My First Blouse - Lacey Bib Blouse

I've always wanted to make my own blouse, but everytime I started, the idea was just lost. I bought 2 fabrics for this purpose on my last visit to KK, but still, I got no motivation, ideas whatsoever. Been sketching dress patterns, measuring my own body only-God-knows how many times, been surfing for the simplest patterns on the net... I am ALMOST gave up. But then I remembered, I got no clothes to wear on this Xmas vacation with the In-Laws.... Rummaging at my wardrobe, I learned that my new clothes are shrinking in size!!! (Ok, yes, it is me whose put up some weight, SOME ok...). Whenever they fit on my top, they'll be exxxtra fit on my middle part! And it ain't pretty......

So, I proceed with sketching and measuring.... until one day, my mom saw me struggling with my own body pattern.

(In Kedayan language)

Mama : Bahapa kan kau Nong?
Aku : Ani, mengira2 ukuran badan, kan membuat blaus.
Mama : Aduh, nda jua payah hantap.

Aku : Payah eh. Mama camana membuat ukuran?

Mama : Mun mama, ikut saja ukuran baju yang sedia, yang mimang ngam arah badan. Nda jua payah tu....

Aku : (-_-)

Aku : Camana buleh aku nda pernah terfikir pasal atu ah??????

Then my mom went on and saying that was how my late Grandma made her own clothes. And how my aunt Amit (my dad's sister) unstitched her favorite clothes to take the measurement. Hehehe... It is funny, the old folks way. Suddenly, I realized that I came from a family who sew. I am happy that I got something in common with my late Grandma.

And right after that conversation, my mind opens up! This is the result, my first blouse.

I tried to make a simple, but wearable blouse, hence, the design. My biggest problem would be on the middle part of my body, so I made maternity-like blouse. My first attempt would be the square bib on the chest. Not brave enough to make a round one. Haha!!

This white cotton lace I got from my mom's stash, coz I got no time to buy them.

I am satisfied with this one, only the measurement is a bit fit. But I definitely gonna wear them next week :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Onto Something

Yes, I am onto something right now. A new project. Already made three of them. One more on the way, two more to go. Got ample time to sew coz hubby dearest is away at KK for a week. Will update tomorrow, after hubby is back. He brings our lappy, the one with photoshop. Wanna take the best pics for this project. Soon......

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aduhai Aiman...

5-yr old, then

Miss my baby brother, Aiman sooo much! My mom and Aiman is away at Kedah for my cousin's wedding since Sunday. Really wish I could go too, but..... Hmm..... I already planned a vacation with the In-Laws this Xmas....

But tomorrow they'll be back, can't wait to meet Aiman and....... the fabrics my mom bought at Nagoya!! Hhehehe... I am so excited!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baju Kurung

The last 2 weekends and 1 day off Maal Hijrah, I pulun with sewing 2 pairs of baju kurung and 2 pieces of baju kurung sekolah for my SIL Anui. Then I made a pair of baju kurung pesak gantung for my MIL. 1 more to go. To make it more busier, my long due, 2 pairs of baju kurung pesak gantung is 97% done. Pheww.... It's tiring, but no stress. Coz I LOVE sewing :)

Baju kurung

Baju Sekolah

Baju kurung pesak gantung

I gotta say, baju kurung pesak gantung is my favorite nowadays since it is easier to make than traditional one.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

External CDROM Sleeve

Been a while since I posted my last sewing project. But that does not mean I am not sewing. Yeah. In a stress mode, I need to sew a lot. It keep me sane. Believe it or not? LOL...

This time I made a cloth for my external CDROM. I got inspired by Tote Boutique's creation.

Love making it. Sooo quick...

I used velcro tape for the closure

This is the only idea I could think of, on how to keep the wire still :)

Throughout the quick process, less than an hour (bangga konon, cepat siap), I FORGOT to attach the strap!! Well...... I am sooo old.

Friday, December 3, 2010

MypassionMycraft Giveaway

Lama nyeerrr tidak post entry. Been busy this week. Tetiba join GA???? Why not? GA is fun what.... This is my 3rd err...... 4th GA's participation. No luck yet. But never give up!! Some day I will get my luck!! :)

Well, a fellow blogger from, Lisa is hosting a GA this month. Looking at the gift, and since it is half metre each, I DEFINITELY make some bags. Yeah!! I LOVE bags!!! I also like the 2 pix at the bottom, soooo..........Sarawak, and soooo exclusive. I already picturing a handbag, with a solid handle. Now, where do I get these handles? Hmmmm........

By the way, lets join reramai. The more, the MERRIER.......


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