Friday, December 24, 2010

My Second Blouse - Buttoned Bib Blouse

This one right here is a PERFECTO. Well, at least to me. I made another blouse, with Misaki Natural, a Japanese Cotton. This is my first time working with Japanese Cotton, and it is soooo easy!! Definitely gonna buy more of this fabby.

I add few inches on the middle part to make it roomier!

This time I made a rounder bib on the chest, with buttons. Thought it would be hard, but to my wonder, it was easy and neat! Well, can't really see in this pix, right?

Okay, I'll turned it inside out. Now we can see the bib I mentioned about. Hahaha...

As for the sleeve, I want it to be comfy, so I made a bubbly sleeve with cuff. Through the process of making these blouses, I learned that 2 metres fabby are not enough to make a long sleeve blouse, especially for my height. Next time I'll buy 2.5 metres.

Overall, this is my FAVORITE blouse ;p


  1. Terima kasih puan Liza. Sama kan kita punya fabrik. hehehe...



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