Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Year Ago There's A Baby

A year ago, there's a baby.
Precious, adorable, beautiful, sweet baby girl.
A wonderful blessing.
A gift from Allah S.W.T.
Born on this special date. 03 October 2014.

A baby that filled the empty place in my heart.

When you arrived, everything changed.
My world gets bigger.
My heart grows fuller.
And my life means more.
Because YOU are in it.

Nur Hidayah.
You are my bundle of joy. My sunshine. My rainbow.
Happy birthday sweet baby.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tova Top

Love at first sight. That's right. A pattern by WIKSTEN. 

This pattern is for intermediate sewing skills. My first time sewing a blouse with an existing pattern. I usually draft blouse pattern myself. See these links here. Lacey Bib Blouse, Buttoned Bib Blouse, and Blouse Muslimah. You can also view all my self-drafted blouse pattern posts under Blouse/Tops/Tunic Label.

The pattern are pretty much the same. However, that collar look soo yummy, and I have never made that before. So I gave it a try. The advantage, I can learn new skills, AND honing them. Yeay!! I only adjusted the pattern size a bit to better fit me.

My kinda top. Loose and comfy, yet stylish. My favorite. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

::Tempahan Raya 2015:: Kurung Moden Eyelash Lace


Raya tahun ni tak sangka boleh ambil tempahan menjahit dengan baby 9 bulan. Sebenarnya aku tiada perancangan untuk mengambil tempahan, takut tak termampu untuk menyiapkan. Tapi alhamdulillah, mungkin rezeki anak, boleh juga ku menyiapkan tempahan tertunggak tahun lepas dan tempahan untuk raya tahun ni. Paling laju merempit pada bulan Ramadhan, menjahit pada waktu malam dan selepas sahur. Tempahan kali ni pun daripada kawan pejabat saja.

Ni nak cerita design baju yang ditempah kawanku, Kurung Moden Eyelash Lace namanya haa.... Dia mau begitu-begini, aku pun ikut saja lah. Turn out cantik sangat la pulak. Lace tu dia beli online. Nantilah kot aku beli buat sedondon dengan anak.

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Lovely Skirt Bag

I just remember that I haven't blog about this bag. My favorite, so far. Beautiful AND large. Finished dimension of this bag is 11" height, 14" wide and 6" deep.This pattern is michellepatterns. Brilliant.

I use this beautiful roses-printed denim I bought at Kamdar Jalan TAR. Lovely, isn't it? I made this bag for a very special occasion, to welcome our beautiful daughter, Nur Hidayah. She was born on October 2014, and I finished this bag on September. Perfect timing.

Instead of shopping for a new diaper bag, I decided to try out this 4-Pocket Skirt Bag pattern because it looks funky yet girly. I also love the single and adjustable long strap, totally fuss-free, especially while holding a baby . I made some upgrade from the original pattern by adding zipper to the main entrance, adding another zipped pocket at the back, because every bag HAS to have one, and another open pocket inside for my tab. So overall, I made a 6-Pocket Skirt Bag. That, my friend, is the beauty of making your own bag. You can custom it to cater YOUR need and taste.

She's a looker, ain't she?
The side pockets really add character to it

The boss that keep everything inside, especially if Mommy is running, or multitasking, or flipping upside down...
ROOOOMYYYY, and 3 open pockets for smaller stuff, whatever that is...

A must-have feature for safety precaution. I love to put some money and coins in here so I don't have to take out my wallet. Fuss free.  

The only thing I want to add to this lovely bag is an elastic band to hold a thermos and water bottles.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hilang Entah Ke Mana


Ke mana menghilang semua MASA ku?
Terasa terkejar-kejar setiap hari, kerja, kerja, kerja.
Tiada masa untuk berehat pun.
Tahu-tahu, sampai sudah ke pertengahan TAHUN 2015!!!

Inilah post pertamaku untuk tahun ini.
So sad....


Ku ingin kembali aktif, dengan hobiku, dengan blog ku.


Mohon dulu kepada Allah SWT.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Elephant Softie


Softie lah pulak.... Heee... 

This pattern is Elephant Softies: Tilly & Tommy. I made this for my cute 2 year old nephew, Hakim. Of course he was excited, but after a minute, he tossed it away like a toy. But I'm happy to make this cute stuff. Will make some more, if I have the TIME.

Bought the pattern from Go try.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boxy Zipper Pouch


May is my bestie's birthday. So I made her an embroidered Boxy Zipper Pouch. The original pattern is from Double Zipper Pouch, but I was not ready to do a double. Better practice on a single zipper first. This pattern looks so simple, but the hardest I've ever tried. And to my surprise, it became my favorite.

This was my first attempt. A christmas gift for my friend who's celebrating Christmas last year. Ugly. But it's the thought that count, right? :)

The second one, I couldn't be more proud of my self. It still hard, but the outcome is amazing, at least to me.

Will make more of these. If interested, do email me ya! :) Personalised embroidery pun boleh.

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