Friday, December 24, 2010

My First Blouse - Lacey Bib Blouse

I've always wanted to make my own blouse, but everytime I started, the idea was just lost. I bought 2 fabrics for this purpose on my last visit to KK, but still, I got no motivation, ideas whatsoever. Been sketching dress patterns, measuring my own body only-God-knows how many times, been surfing for the simplest patterns on the net... I am ALMOST gave up. But then I remembered, I got no clothes to wear on this Xmas vacation with the In-Laws.... Rummaging at my wardrobe, I learned that my new clothes are shrinking in size!!! (Ok, yes, it is me whose put up some weight, SOME ok...). Whenever they fit on my top, they'll be exxxtra fit on my middle part! And it ain't pretty......

So, I proceed with sketching and measuring.... until one day, my mom saw me struggling with my own body pattern.

(In Kedayan language)

Mama : Bahapa kan kau Nong?
Aku : Ani, mengira2 ukuran badan, kan membuat blaus.
Mama : Aduh, nda jua payah hantap.

Aku : Payah eh. Mama camana membuat ukuran?

Mama : Mun mama, ikut saja ukuran baju yang sedia, yang mimang ngam arah badan. Nda jua payah tu....

Aku : (-_-)

Aku : Camana buleh aku nda pernah terfikir pasal atu ah??????

Then my mom went on and saying that was how my late Grandma made her own clothes. And how my aunt Amit (my dad's sister) unstitched her favorite clothes to take the measurement. Hehehe... It is funny, the old folks way. Suddenly, I realized that I came from a family who sew. I am happy that I got something in common with my late Grandma.

And right after that conversation, my mind opens up! This is the result, my first blouse.

I tried to make a simple, but wearable blouse, hence, the design. My biggest problem would be on the middle part of my body, so I made maternity-like blouse. My first attempt would be the square bib on the chest. Not brave enough to make a round one. Haha!!

This white cotton lace I got from my mom's stash, coz I got no time to buy them.

I am satisfied with this one, only the measurement is a bit fit. But I definitely gonna wear them next week :)

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