Monday, May 23, 2011

Flowery Pink Curvy Clutch

Another curvy clutch for sale...


Medium size (8.75" W x 4.25" H x 2.25" D)
Material = Heavy cotton

Open for order.

Email me at

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Curvy Clutch

I am officially selling Curvy Clutch, a pattern by Keyka Lou. I've been keeping this pattern for a while now. Just got time to try to make one. The result, not one, but 2 Curvy Clutches!! I had fun making it!

Hot Pink

Medium size


Orange White Flower

Large size

Aren't they beautiful? (^-^)

Open for order.

Email me at

Jubah Kanak-Kanak


Wah..... Almost 2 weeks in silent mode. Sebenarnya ada banyak kerja menjahit, tapi terpaksa menunggu mood. Yeah, kalau mood tiada, jahitan tetap diteruskan. Walaupun sllloooowwww.....

Ini lah projek ku yang baru siap. 2 helai jubah kanak-kanak, dan sehelai baju kurung untuk my SIL Anui.

Sepatutnya aku buat sehelai jubah saja, tapi memandangkan kain tu 60 inci, aku buat la 2 helai. Jimat..... Fesyen tu lebih kurang la jugak. Improvised sikit2 jer...

Baju kurung cotton. Cute!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

European Blockbuster Giveaway!

Another Giveaway by Princess Closet!

I am so in the mood, I guess. Just look at the prizes. Pattern magazines and very cute fabrics! Priceless. So I am trying my luck, again. And if I win, I plan to make my darling niece Deyana, a dress. These are 2 fabrics I choose.

Pink Daisy

Pink Forest

Cute eh? And PINK (^_^)

This girl would definitely look gorgeous in it!

Wish me luck!

1st Giveaway by RedRidingBow

Hi, I am set to join the Red Riding Bow's 1st GA. Why? The prizes are soo yummy! And they are bags! Just check them out here at

I really hope that I can win this, because I never did :(

So wish me luck!

P/S : I guess I need Liquid Luck (as in Harry Potter's movie). Who got?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fesyen Baju Raya 2011

Bersawang...... Yup, that's the right word to describe my blog. It wasn't that long, but spidey worked even faster than me!

Hmm... I didn't have much inspiration the last few weeks. I'd rather watch TV than working on my stash. Just imagine I watched Harry Potter movies! Eventhough I already watched them. I hope starting this week, I managed to finish some projects, if not more!

Ok, I just wanna share some Raya fashion for this year, in my point of view.

Kaftan, of course! These beauties are definitely gonna be popular this year. Even now I saw women wearing them, imagine what they are gonna wear on Raya! However, these fashion are soooo OTT for me. I'll pass.

Source : Google

The renowned Modern Kurung. Pretty isn't it? I'd love to make something like this (^_^)

Picture of

Modern Abaya is definitely on my list! I 'll try making one for this raya.

This is MY FAVORITE. This design is Zleqha's, and called Amena. I fell in love, the first time I lay my eyes on this picture. You guys can check it out at However, I couldn't afford one because it is expensive. So, I am gonna try making one.

Satin or cotton? Cotton.


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