Monday, May 9, 2011

Fesyen Baju Raya 2011

Bersawang...... Yup, that's the right word to describe my blog. It wasn't that long, but spidey worked even faster than me!

Hmm... I didn't have much inspiration the last few weeks. I'd rather watch TV than working on my stash. Just imagine I watched Harry Potter movies! Eventhough I already watched them. I hope starting this week, I managed to finish some projects, if not more!

Ok, I just wanna share some Raya fashion for this year, in my point of view.

Kaftan, of course! These beauties are definitely gonna be popular this year. Even now I saw women wearing them, imagine what they are gonna wear on Raya! However, these fashion are soooo OTT for me. I'll pass.

Source : Google

The renowned Modern Kurung. Pretty isn't it? I'd love to make something like this (^_^)

Picture of

Modern Abaya is definitely on my list! I 'll try making one for this raya.

This is MY FAVORITE. This design is Zleqha's, and called Amena. I fell in love, the first time I lay my eyes on this picture. You guys can check it out at However, I couldn't afford one because it is expensive. So, I am gonna try making one.

Satin or cotton? Cotton.

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