Sunday, April 15, 2012

Combo Attack!!

I am so in love with the colourful dots I got from Kamdar, 1Borneo Hypermall. The color is bright and outstanding. And it matched with dark color denim too!

See what I mean? ^__^

A simple wristlet can turn into something fun to look at!

And a Buttercup Bag

See how this duo brighten up my post? :D

If you like what you see here, scroll down a bit :-

I made another extra!

Interested? Just email me at

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweetheart Shopper Bag


Introducing....... the SWEETHEART SHOPPER BAG! A new product of SewMeHappy's bag cheeewah...

As usual, I am using a Keyka lou's pattern, Sweetheart Shopper. Duhh! Do I need to try a design from another pattern maker? Maybe next time :)

Very roomy, truly a shopper's best accessory ^__^

A zipped pocket inside

A model (hhmmmph!!) modelling the Sweetheart Shopper Bag

Open for order ya.

Btw, this one is available.
Dimension : 15"9(w) x 9"(h) x 4.5" deep, 24" straps
Price = RM75 excluding postage

Interested? Email me at

Friday, April 6, 2012


I do more fabric purchasing, and less sewing. Excited, but less productivity. The result? Staring at the fabrics and drool, endlessly. So this weekend, I'm gonna do MORE sewing. You'll see.

I need a new purse, because my wallet can no longer hold my stuff, mostly papers. So I use my mom's old wallet. It is old, so I need to make one for myself. I decided to make a purse using Damask In Cream Indian Summer by Zoe Pearn fabric, but without zipped pockets on the outside. I thought that such a beautiful and lovely print should not be tainted by pockets. Ok, I'm lazy.

These are Pleated Purse and Wristlets ordered by customers.

Enjoy your weekends ya!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Yah. Dah agak lama buat, baru mau update :)

But still, I need to introduce a new bag, MIA TOTE. I am using the Lots of Pockets Tote pattern by Keyka Lou. I gotta say that Keyka Lou is my favorite pattern maker so far. The instruction is easy to follow, and the outcome is satisfying!!

I love that 2 front pockets, looks like our jeans pockets kan :) Plus, I 'test-drive' sudah this bag, (of course, I have to test-drive before selling them). Very the practical. I can keep my handphones, keys, pendrives, painkiller..?hehe... in separate pockets, and so easy to retrieve them!!

Highly and totally recommended!!

P/S : This bag is open for order, so simply email me at or drop by at my Facebook page, SewMeHappy and leave a message. Tq.


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