Saturday, October 30, 2010

Handphone Pouch

Yesterday when I blog-walking, I saw a simple handphone pouch tutorial at Rozi's Needlework. It is so easy to make and really took 30 minutes. I am sooo happy to make it, and will make another proper and neat version.

Front view

Open view

Close view

Thanks to these kind people for sharing :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Tote Bag

A day after I finished my pink wristlet, the "itch" was back again. I had to try another simple tutorial, Tote Bag! There are so many beautiful, creative and yet simple tote bag on people's blogs. I am sooo jealous. My only problem is, I don't have enough materials here in Labuan. So I just use my old not-so-hard cotton and give it a try.

Front view

Inside view with inside pockets

Most tutorials are using hard interfacing to make the bag stands, but I skip that part because I want my bag to be washable. My idea of using this bag is for keeping books or telekung. It's nice and cute too. Well....


In the midst of the busy time the last couple of weeks, I still managed to try out several projects. My hands were itched when I saw TiniHani JOM JAHIT, thanks to you. There were tutorials on how to make a simple wristlet. I had to try them. This is my first ever handmade wristlet!

I made this by using a hard cotton and a spongy interfacing (don't actually know what it's called). It's perfect for handphones, cameras, etc...

For the first-timer, it's okay. I LOVE IT!! Wouldn't you? Will try to make my netbook's sleeve later.

Weekend Activity

Last two weeks was the busiest and tiring weekend for us. My dad wants to re-rent (is it even a word?) his apartment. We were repainting the apartment because the previous residence transform it into a TASKA. The cartoon paintings on the wall, the pink and green color combination, papers on the wall, etc..... My dad even had to change the wooden floor to tiles. Well, there were a lot to do. Thank God it is done. I really wanna do this to help my dad. Even Aiman was helping.

Ugghhh... that's a heavy job for a 7 year old. Hahaha...

Aiman's funny face

The wall that need to be repainted

Hubby washing the CREATIVE paintings

Aiman's time out (Kids nowadays... you know...)

There's A New Girl In Town

Well, not that new. It's my aunt's old Portable Singer Sewing Machine. Don't remember the series. She gave up on her, since it can only do straight stitch. She gave it to my mom. This will be kept as a collection.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pillow Cover

One of my projects during Ramadhan was making pillow covers. I had to change the cover since they are too old and different themes. So I was scouting fabrics in town. Sadly, modern pattern fabrics are soooo hard to find in Labuan. Dunno why. There are a lot of flowery patterns, which is so common. Lastly, I saw this yellow stripe pattern and the only color there is. I just grabbed it. It matched my chair. Then I made these covers. The hardest part was installing the zippers. First cover was a mess, but not that obvious. The second and third was perfect. So, next time I will make a ruffled pillow cover. Wish me luck!! hahaha...


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