Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011

Happy New Year!!!

A lot had been happening in 2010, but not really for me. My life had been slow moving, not like several years back. I was kinda.... lost, especially my career. Thank God my passion for sewing saved my sanity. And my sewing also improved this year, because I learned A LOT from fellow bloggers on the net.

Looking back 2010, there were a lot of things I abandoned. I didn't gather with friends a lot (eventhough I missed them a lot), I didn't do much exercise like jogging and hiking, I wasn't there for my Puteri friends.... Yup, I regretted it. Puteri, I am so sorry for not being there. It's not that I don't like to be one, but I think I don't like politics anymore. What I saw from my perspective, it's not for Malays, it's for individual. Enough said. But Puteri, I will try my best for this year to participate and support you guys.

I also hope that this year I can manage my time better, because time walks faster than me :) Time envy me!

I also hope I can manage my money better, and save more. Meaning to say, LESS VACATION. If my hubby wants to go on a holiday, he goes alone!!

This year I also hope that I can do a lot of sewing (Duh!), a lot of reading (will be challenging because the library is moving far away from our office), and a lot of writing (on the blog, of course).

While typing this entry, this guy on Selamat Pagi Malaysia mentioned visiting culture to be added to a new years resolution. Yes, I agree. Visiting family, friends, the unfortunates. I hope I can manage that.

The most important resolution I want this year is to be a better Muslim. Insya'Allah.......


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