Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snap Button And A Buttercup Bag


Last 2 nights ago, I finished a Buttercup Bag, a free pattern by Made By Rae. It was an easy project, and definitely recommended for beginners. Somehow, I omitted the magnet button closure, so there was no closure on the bag. Suddenly I remember I bought 2 sets of snap button at my favorite store, ♥Jelip♥ last month.

I've never use them before, so, oh! there are instructions on the back :p

Easy, don't worry. The only additional tool you must have is a HAMMER. This is how it looked on my bag.

But one question remains, which is front? The full covered button or the ring button?

The finished / beautiful / lovely / cute and the renowned Buttercup Bag.

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