Monday, December 5, 2011

School Holiday Vacation 2011

Nak tahu kami bercuti di mana? Saaaanaaaa KL saja bah........

Weird thing was, Mom and my bro went to Vietnam, as planned earlier, and Dad went to Jogjakarta, with rombongan KWPKB. It was like one goes to the north, and the other goes to south. We stucked in the middle, in KL. hehehe...

Mom at the front seat.

Mom and bro, trip to Vietnam

Dad in Jogja

Funny and yet, freaky!!

I won't blog about our trip, you can read about it in my sister's blog here. What I really want to share is, my fabrics :D We stayed in Palace Hotel in Jalan Masjid India/Jalan TAR, so we practically live in the middle of "Fabric Heaven"!!

Here's my findings :-

Fabric for clothes, from Nagoya & Aked

Fabric for bags from Nagoya

Fabric for bags from Kamdar

Fabric for clothes, from Vietnam

Fabric for bags, from Vietnam

What I like about cotton from Vietnam is, bidang 60"... Woohoo.... By now I'm pretty sure you know my favorite color :D

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