Sunday, July 10, 2011

LV White Curvy Clutch

An order from a customer, LV White Curvy Clutch. I am so totally in L.O.V.E with this one. However, I don't think I can keep it white for long :(

So nice.... huhuhu...

This one is for my SIL Liza, a small curvy clutch.

And this one is for my SIL Mira, a pleated purse.

I have not been sewing for the last 5 days, due to work commitment till evening. I don't like it when this happen. So, "SIGH".......


  1. Yana, i already sew a curvy clutch also,but mine looks different..nampak pelik sikit.maybe becos of the shape.Look at mine please..n give me some comments..:)

  2. yana... your clutch looks sturdy n in shape..i went to lisa's oso..camner tuh sew in interfacing? batting ke.. or special fabby? all this while i just guna fusible interfacing jek.. sometimes i nak gak try light weight cotton for small stuff project.. takut lembik plak..

  3. Fiza, sew in interfacing tu yg takda gam. kalau nak guna, jahit keliling je. Tapi saya tak tau grade atau jenisnya. Yg penting dia nipis, tapi keras sedikit, dan kalau kita tarik dia tak pecah.



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