Monday, July 18, 2011

All About Curvy Clutches (and a Pleated Purse)

What was I up to lately?

Finishing orders, of course. I felt like a factory machine, working days and nights. Thank God they turned into these lovelies :)

Order from my sister's friend.... 2 curvy

Another order from my sister's friend, again, 3 curvy clutches, 2 curvy slings, and 1 pleated purse.

Now these are the orders from my officemates. The LV prints are so gorgeous! I really, really, really want one. Maybe later.... (^_^)

Good day everyone!!


  1. Yana.i envy u! indeed the clutches are fav is the red one..saya pulak rasa nak beli satu..:)



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