Friday, July 1, 2011

Galaxy Tab Pouch

Salam Jumaat...

An order from a customer, 2 GTab pouches.

I used flannel material for the inner to prevent scratches.

The hardest part was making a pouch without the gadget. How do I test whether it fits or not? I borrow from an officemate :)

Thanks ya.


  1. I receive an order to make Galaxy Tab juga, risaunya sebab takde Tab nak test, officemate pu ntakda ahahaha....jenuh.

  2. wow..just envy ur neatly sewn...:) berapa kali dah try buat pouch kecik mcm ni,but always failed!

  3. Liza, mmg jenuh pikir. tapi nasib baik jumpa officemate yg ada. Dari jabatan lain plak tu. hehe..

    Lisa, thanks. Tapi tak lah neat sangat. Cuma tak nampak je...



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