Monday, August 17, 2015

My Lovely Skirt Bag

I just remember that I haven't blog about this bag. My favorite, so far. Beautiful AND large. Finished dimension of this bag is 11" height, 14" wide and 6" deep.This pattern is michellepatterns. Brilliant.

I use this beautiful roses-printed denim I bought at Kamdar Jalan TAR. Lovely, isn't it? I made this bag for a very special occasion, to welcome our beautiful daughter, Nur Hidayah. She was born on October 2014, and I finished this bag on September. Perfect timing.

Instead of shopping for a new diaper bag, I decided to try out this 4-Pocket Skirt Bag pattern because it looks funky yet girly. I also love the single and adjustable long strap, totally fuss-free, especially while holding a baby . I made some upgrade from the original pattern by adding zipper to the main entrance, adding another zipped pocket at the back, because every bag HAS to have one, and another open pocket inside for my tab. So overall, I made a 6-Pocket Skirt Bag. That, my friend, is the beauty of making your own bag. You can custom it to cater YOUR need and taste.

She's a looker, ain't she?
The side pockets really add character to it

The boss that keep everything inside, especially if Mommy is running, or multitasking, or flipping upside down...
ROOOOMYYYY, and 3 open pockets for smaller stuff, whatever that is...

A must-have feature for safety precaution. I love to put some money and coins in here so I don't have to take out my wallet. Fuss free.  

The only thing I want to add to this lovely bag is an elastic band to hold a thermos and water bottles.

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