Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Modern Kurung With Cuff


This is another sewing project that I struggled to complete, and yeay!! I completed it! Blame it on the M word.

I can now say that my skills are excellent in making MY OWN modern kurung. It is loose fitting so that I can actually sit on it! Usually my middle part area is so fit to give the illusion of very curvy waist, but lets face it. My waist is far from curvy. Instead of worrying every moment that my clothes are gonna rip off, I'll enjoy free movement AND even running! :)

I actually wanna highlight the cuff. I made a 4 inches cuff with three buttons each. I did not follow any specific instruction or pattern, I just use my sample clothes. It is challenging, and yet I am addicted. Will make more and experiment more :)

So Sis, start your shopping engine and head out to Kamdar!!

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