Monday, February 20, 2012

Button-up Shirt


Been so long in a "busy doing nothing" mode... Not that I have too many orders to complete, but another project. Finishing my pending clothes. Most of it was done halfway. Some of it does not fit me any more, so lucky my sister. To count, I have completed 2 modern kurungs, 1 button-down shirt, and 1 butterfly dress. But for now, I show the button-down shirt first, okay :) This is my SIL's shirt.

Due to lack of skill in collar, I made what I do best, round collar :D

There are some imperfections, but I'm learning... Hopefully the next one will be flawless. Overall, I do enjoy making it!!

1 comment:

  1. more and more modern kurungs for me ka? Hehehe.. another reason utk kuruskan badan lepas beranak :D.



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