Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Violence Over Children


Lately, my FB wall is filled with gruesome pictures and videos of babies and children. I don't have the heart to look closely. But the next day, its the same story, People are sharing, so it is not gonna be gone any time soon. It is good to share, so that people are aware of what has been happening to our society. However, my fear is that if we got used to these pictures or videos, we might lose our sense of pity. We might think that "oh, this thing happens...". Nauzubillahiminzalik. I still haven't have the heart to watch the video of that 2-year old kid in China being run down by 2 vehicles!

So, whenever I log in to my FB, I go straight to Geng Mesin Jahit (GMJ) and Geng Gila Kain (GGK), the groups I joined to see people with the same interest as I am. Lots of beautiful pictures, projects, fabrics, clothes, tips, tutorials and so on... The kind of pages that really make my day. So if you haven't join yet, just go. You won't regret it.

Yes, I started sewing already. But I must finish all pending orders before I open new orders. I am a bit slow moving, but still manage. This clutch is an order from my office mate. Hope she likes it :)

Last week a customer requested all my readymade items. She wanted to resell them to her friends. 4 wristlets and 10 coin purses in total. Already posted them and hope they'll arrive safely. Thanks ya :)

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