Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jawatan Pegawai Tadbir N41


Yesterday I went to an interview for the above post in my workplace. But guess what? I am not gonna get it. The bosses have "other plan" for me. So my chance for the above post is denied. Is this fair?

This is the second time. The first time, I was told to focus on posts that suits my qualification. If you don't want to give me a job, just say so. The next time, if I don't apply for your vacancies, DON'T ASK ME WHY and tell me MANA TAU REZEKI!!!

If I don't think of my parents, I would just stay home and sew (how blissful my life would be....)

BTW, do not rely on the government funds to improve tourism industry. Tackle private sectors to participate. They'll do better job than the government, sorry to say but it is the facts. We don't have to be heroes all the time!
(The answer I wasn't able to give during the interview due to language barrier, but who cares?)

P/S : Really can't wait to work at the "new (not even running) and interesting" place I was offered-but-not-sure-yet-so-don't-count-on-it!

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