Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Finished Orders Before Raya

There are so many things to do actually. I just did not plan it well. Firstly, I started selling my products at the end of May this year. At first I was just 'testing market' via Facebook.... and BOOM!! Curvy clutch selling like a pisang goreng panas! I was shocked, of course, flattered, but still shocked.

Now that Raya is getting nearer, I have not sewn any baju raya for myself, my sister, my brother, my niece & nephew. I wanna start sewing after completing customer orders. And hey, its about 10 more days. No worries..... kan? Hmmm.....

So these are more pictures of my handmade.

2 handphone pouches and a coin purse ordered by my officemate.

A curvy clutch ordered by my soon-to-be cousin :)

LV White curvy Clutches ordered by my officemate's sister and my classmate/roommate/return customer, Arena.

Hot Pink Curvy Clutch ordered by my Puteri friend, Rai. And I was not even surprised she choose this color. kekekeke....

Handphone pouches ordered by my cousin, Ijah. I really love these colors :)


  1. wah, semua cantik..jeles tengok..

  2. alamak lambatnya reply. tq tini.... tini pun boleh buat apa...



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