Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dateline Is Oh So Close!


I am super busy this month, must produce at least 1 item everyday. 7 more items to go, and it is already the 3rd week!! Ya Allah, please give me the strength and good health to go through these days... Amin...

Since I hardly had time to update my blog, I just post the pictures in one go :)

An order from my secondary schoolmate/dormmate/friend, Lianah... Many Shoes theme curvy clutch and external hard disk sleeve.

2 Pleated Purse ordered by an online customer. I hope she likes them.

Handphone Pouches also ordered by another online customer.

Galaxy Tab Pouch ordered by my officemate.

ChocoRed Stripes Curvy Clutch ordered by my preggy cousin, Keela. I managed to send it by hand before she deliver!! kekeke....

See ya!!

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