Friday, March 18, 2011

Camera Pouch


It's been weeks since my last post. I was busy setting up a new business, and my lappy and EOS camera were not with me! So half of me is missing. Not the other half!! I've been sewing several more coin purse for my collection. In between, I managed to make a Camera Pouch. My mom is going Umrah next week, so she wanted to bring the camera, which, the original pouch I lost on Langkawi vacation last time.

Thehehe.... It was a boring black pvc pouch anyway.

I am still confused whether the fabric I used is cotton or linen, or linen cotton!! What is the difference???

Anyway, this is my second boxy pouch. It is easy if the size is bigger!


  1. i think its linen cotton..hehehe.correct me if i'm wrong too.

  2. Ya ka? I think so too. Tp x sure. hahaha... thanks lisa.



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