Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blue Sleeveless Tunic

I've always wanted to make my own sleeveless tunic. I love to wear something baggy and comfy, yet stylish (kononlah). After I made one for Sem, and it looked good on her, so I made one for me. I can wear it with black inner shirt, and black legging. In fact, I already wore them on the Hari Wilayah Closing Ceremony.

This dress is knee-length, buttoned on the chest and loose on the middle part. Could not really see with the prints, kan? Well...


  1. salam yana.... cantik2 blouse di sini...jahitan cantik n kemas ...

  2. Salam SCLover. Thanks ya singgah. kalau jahit kain cotton, memang kemas. mula-mula nak potong, macam susah. cuba lah dulu, baru tahu. lagi best pakai Japanese cotton.



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