Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pray For MH370


Day 3, still yet to be found.
Since the news of the missing plane, I was anxious and curious, glued to the TV all day.
I couldn't touch my machine, even though I have a customer's order to be done.  

Saddened, when I think of how the families feel right now.
Bewildered. Where are they? What really happened to them?

I am so touched that many Malaysians are conducting solat hajat and prayers for the safety of MH370 crews and passengers. In this time of trouble, we go to Allah SWT.

In this time of trouble too, we see some people's true color.
Insensitivity, inhumanity, obsessed and stupidity.
Semoga Allah SWT berikan petunjuk kepada mereka.  

Never point finger.
Never condemn.

It is nobody's fault.
Not the pilot.
Not the passenger.
Not MAS.
Not even the government.

If it's meant to be, it will be.

This is an unfortunate disaster befalls Malaysia.
Doa, doa, doa.
Berdoa kepada Allah SWT semoga MH370 ditemui.
Dan semoga semua yang terlibat dalam Misi Mencari & Menyelamat dilindungi Allah SWT.
Nevermind speculationsssses.
Allah SWT Maha Berkuasa.

Support the grieving families.
Support Malaysia Airlines System.

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