Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolution For The Year 2012 And Pattern Try Outs


This year, bagaikan naik hantu, I bought so many patterns. Year End Sale lah katakan... So lebih kurang 37 paten semuanya. Hmmm... Last year I only bought ONE, and that is Curvy Clutch. But I am so excited, I'd like to make it my resolution for this year 2012. I'd like to try out ALL 37 patterns!! So I should make 3 different items every month. Wish me luck!

This year I feel my business is kinda slow moving, but it's okay. I can work on ready made items, and my ever growing kain pasang. I really need a wardrobe makeover!

So as a start, I present to you, my first pattern try outs, the CARD WALLET.

I'm so loving these.... :D

Overall, this pattern is easier than it looks! Highly recommended!!


  1. Tq kak Jamilah... excited nak cuba paten Keyka Lou tu.. Ada la yg nak improve lagi...

  2. Kreatifnya Yana, akak pun minat jugak kraf tangan tp tak berapa pandai mcm Yana.

  3. Thanks Kak Zana... Tp kreatif tu tidak la juga. Banyak paten free di internet, jadi saya cuba2 saja... :)



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