Friday, November 11, 2011


As salam Jumaat, hari yang penuh berkat, semoga kita dilimpahi rahmat, bahagia di dunia hingga ke akhirat......

Everyone is fussing over today's date. Why? Because it is a beautiful and easy-to-remember date. That is also why so many couples choosing this date for their solemnization ceremony, or other beautiful date for that matter...

I personally think that numbers are numbers, no significant value for a person's life. If I want to get married, doesn't matter what date it is. The sooner the better :D

But, I've been married for 2 years now. And whenever the question arises, when did you get married? Errrm... *pause* well... 25th of July, if not 26th, on 2009 or 2010 *pause again* I'll check the calendar.

WHAT????? I don't remember my wedding date???

Now I know why.

So go ahead, choose the easiest date to remember, because when years passed you by, in my case 2 years, you won't remember unless with the help of your best friend, the handphone calendar notification. So when next time someone ask your wedding date, you can answer in one breath, with a smile :)

~Happy weekend everyone, and don't forget to smile~


  1. syukur la anniversary aku 12.12 kan? pandai mama atu pilih tarikh.. kekeke

  2. nasip.... tarikh lawa ku atu kana rabut urg. sasak...



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