Thursday, September 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum & Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin
(hope it's not too late... "Raya kan sebulan..." (^_^)

our latest family portrait. from left /back: me, hubby, big bro, little (not so little anymore) bro, sis's hubby, and sis. Middle, mom and dad. Front, little bro aiman, nephew haikal, and niece deyana.

what's my raya story? nothing much. i started off with ramadhan... i was busy sewing, tried to finish customer orders before raya. alhamdulillah... all orders with deposit were done and sent by hand or by post, on time. several orders left, but mostly ordered AFTER i closed orders.

so many things to do before, during and after raya. on raya eve, we moved to a new house, my parents house. it is just about 50 meters from the old one. moving furniture and stuff is the hardest part. we started with bigger furniture, (yes, we do this ourselves), the smaller stuff. the smaller stuff is endless. i just knew that we got soooo many stuff, new stuff, old stuff, useful stuff and rubbish!! suddenly the word "hoarders" came into my mind. scarrryyy.......... need to throw and burn useless stuff after this. and as at this moment, we have not finish moving stuff yet. tired.

due to the moving, i only managed to sew 2 pairs of baju kurung for my MIL, a pair of baju kurung for my niece and a pair of baju melayu for my nephew... me? 2 pairs of baju kurung. what a shame ~ automatically my raya mood hits the ground. first day raya, we went to the graveyard, and the in-laws. then, we hit the bed. tired.

the in-laws.

second day raya, we host a small tahlil ceremony at our house. then, again, we hit the bed. tired.

third day, me and hubby went to Brunei with the in-laws to celebrate raya there and meet relatives some more. until saturday. sunday my nephew and niece went back to KK dah... miss them already.

so what happen now? currently i am sewing my baju kurung. tried to lessen my stash, coz in this new house, i got limited storage area for my ever growing fabrics. in between, i will try to finish late orders.

so i planned to open orders sometime in october. wait ya!!

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