Monday, April 25, 2011

Oprah's Farewell Season Premier

I missed the train. I know and I don't care. I watched Oprah's Farewell Season Premier last night on DIVA (my new found favorite channel). This is sooo last year. For me, Oprah Show is not about watching the latest issues, but just simply WATCHING it. That is why people still love to watch Oprah reruns. I love watching Oprah reruns.

Last night, Aiman said to me, "Kakak, there are tears in your eyes" and went laughing. And I was like "No. I'm not crying". Obviously. When watching Oprah, who doesn't?

25 years. I practically grew up with this show. But I started watching it right after I finished Form 5. That time, I thought it was the show for housewives, but I continue watching. There are so many information and knowledge I get when watching it. But most importantly, I believe this show nurture my soul over the years.

So for this farewell season, I hope not to miss the show.

Last night recap:

Oprah's gift to her most loyal audience, 300 of them, are a trip to Australia, with John Travolta flying them! Unbelieveable!

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