Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Hobby - Photography

I am exited to tell that I got a new hobby. "Photographing". It first come from my hubby when he bought a DSLR EOS 1000D camera, but since he only knew little english, I had to read the manual and tips for him. It is hard to block the knowledge from entering your brain when you are reading. So, here I am. I have zero knowledge on taking photopgraph, so I googled (the most efficient and fast learning tool). It's kinda interesting, and even more when I saw nice and beautiful photographs on flickr. Then I learn photo editing using Photoshop CS. What a cool program!! Check these out!!

Too much green???

My cute niece

My brother n my father on the roof!!

Whats with the new hobby? Hardly have time to do all, now this??? (question to my self, pls ignore...)

1 comment:

  1. I just started photography too :) Using Photoshop Elements 9 :) it’s essential for bloggers :)



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