Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Book by : Stephen King

I am a thriller person, I love thriller movies, thriller books, even Thriller video by MJ. Hehehe.... This title, I remember watching Friends, and Joey said that he and Rachel watched a movie titled Cujo. I never forget that scene. But I never knew it was a Stephen King. Last week when I went to the library, I saw this book on the shelf, and without thinking further, I grabbed it.

I finished it last night. I can tell you one thing about SK (Stephen King), his creativity is beyond our expectation. This story, Cujo is a very big dog, but tamed and friendly to people. Somehow, he got bitten by rabid bats, and Cujo's mind slowly deteriorating, and becoming more and more vicious. When Cujo lost all its sane mind, he killed his neighbor, his master and a police officer. He even tried to kill a mother ans her 4 year old son, whose stuck in a dead car. 4 days, tey stuck in it, and nobody came to help, except for the police officer who turned out murdered by Cujo. What shock me the most is that, I cried when the story ended. I guess I never cried on a thriller story, relieve more like it. I cried when the mother fought Cujo with a baseball bat and the dog died. She make that sacrifice for her son, so that her son won't die of dehydration and starving. After Cujo was limp and dead, she found out that her son is already dead. That really heart-breaking.

Well, that is all for now. I am going to start a new book titled Justice.

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